Ah, but the problem is mine, isn’t it? I’m thinking that my big beef with people who judge other people’s motives is just a manifestation of my own frustration and hypocrisy. I do it, and therefore I notice when other people do it.

My last post came out more bratty than I had meant it to. I am a brat, but I usually try to hide the fact.

Someone the other day was telling me about a neighbor who tried to get a man disciplined for mowing the lawn on Sunday. I cringe when others take it upon themselves to dish out the accusations of commandment breaking, without realizing how un-Christlike they are being. It makes me sad. That’s why I want people to stop telling their kids and preaching from the pulpits that tattoos are bad, that body-piercings are bad, that coffee is bad, that there are really such black and white lines between good and bad. I’m am speaking with the distinct exception to things that hurt others. To me, hurting other people is bad.

But I’m tired of self-righteous stories of someone’s grandkid walking up to a stranger and telling her she’s bad for smoking, or or a snotty group of Young Women ostracizing another adolescent female at a wedding reception for wearing a spaghetti-strap dress. That’s not how Christ would have done it, so why would we?


~ by woundedhart on August 2, 2007.

One Response to “Judgement”

  1. I went to a Catholic high school and observed some of the same kinds of things . . . rules, rules, endless rules. I raised my hand once in religion class and asked, “Why do we seem to believe that God is a petty little scorekeeper?”

    I wasn’t the most popular student in that class, needless to say.

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